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Layci "The Kid Trainer"

Valaycia Muhammad is better known as Layci "The Kid Trainer". With a background in dance, starting her career at Mayfair Academy, and recently attending The National Track & Field tournament in Sacramento, CA.  Her passion for fitness began early in her life-being an extremely active child.  With the rise of childhood obesity and obesity related diseases affecting young people, her approach to fitness emphasizes age-appropriate exercise moves and music.  Valaycia has mastered the art of being able to motivate young people with a specific focus on cardiovascular and strength training. She leads a group of teens and young children who conduct their own exercise classes.  Her group is called The Chicago Fit 4 Life Kids. Valaycia, along with her team have made appearances on ABC News, WCIU News, & WCIU The Jam. Valaycia and her team led a workout class at Soldier Field with an attendance of 2,000+ people in 2018. She has her own weekly workout class called "Born 2 Move".  Valaycia has recently written her first book which is a cook book for kids.   The Chicago Fit 4 Life Children's Cook Book has healthy recipes that young people can follow with their parents. 

Chicago Fit 4 Life Kid are a group of Fit Kids who lead fitness class for Kids.

Their Goal is to Fight Childhood Obesity and make exercise FUN !!


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